Homemade Beeswax wraps

Are you fed up with saran wrap and foil and food storage containers as I am? Not only does the plastic food storage clutter up my cabinet space no matter how organized I am with dollar store bins (more plastic). It also always seems they are dirty when I need them.  Not to mention how much food goes bad like the half eaten apple, cut melons, cut citrus and veggies, that the saran wrap just slides off because of the wetness.  Who wants all that plastic on my food and in my kitchen! So here is my go of making Beeswax wraps with some of my favorite fabrics. Did I mention they are also reusable too!

Of course there are companies (brilliant moms) who have cornered the market and are charging a small fortune you can purchase them from. But you can also try ad purchase them here (link) from me!


Today I want to share my new love for a not new but revived eco-friendly, storage and food friendly way to wrap and store your food. BEESWAX wraps. You can make them with just beeswax but I really desired the cling effect that the pine resin gives so I tried these first.


To start I purchased these products from trusted vendors. They can be found on Amazon here: Beeswax, Powdered Pine Gum RosinNOW Organic Jojoba Oil,4-Ounce (affiliate links).

I put my ingredients into small dishes and used a silicone brush. Preheat the oven 200 degrees. Cut your favorite prints or solid colored organic cotton wovens with pinking shears. I wanted a variety of shapes and just cut by eyeballing it. However you can measure to be more accurate and typical sizes are 8 x 8, 11 x 11, and 14 x 14 .


I lined my baking sheets with foil (since I did not have parchment paper on hand, but I figured this would conduct heat better). Next I put a few drops of Jojoba oil and swirled it on the foil with Silicone brush. Lay the cotton on top of the oil prepped baking sheet sprinkle with a few more drops of oil scatter the beeswax beads and pine powered resin all over one side and put in the oven for about 5 -10 min or until it looks wet and all material is melted.



Once it melted I used the same brush while reaching into the stove ( i found this worked better so the wax did not harden off) and swirled and painted the fabric with the melted wax, oil and resin making sure to saturate the edges well.

Next with tongs I lifted one side of the cloth took it out of the oven and held it to the air for a few seconds. The wax dries quickly once exposed to the room air. Then I laid it over some railing and chairs in the kitchen to cure overnight. IMG_9370

Here are the wraps!IMG_9374Take one and put it over food or bowl and use the warmth of your hands to “cling” it to the sides. It will melt into place around the object. IMG_9373IMG_9372



Lastly the lunch test…… the kids lunch box was filled up way to easily with large plastic containers and disposable baggies is well um wasteful, and not mention expensive. So today I wrapped some Annies’ cookies, a clementine and a cheese roll up. Molded it with the warmth of my hands of and there it is!IMG_9378When you are finished with them rinse with cool soapy water. Now they will not last forever but will last a least a year then you can just re-wax as needed! Next I will make some beeswax only sandwich bags with buttons and string. The larger size will keep my cheeses and breads fresh too. Try it yourself ordering through my links above or order from me!




Dining room makeover Part II

After a bit of time I have finally completed the DIY dining room. This room was my creative vision combining a few of my favorite styles to include classic elegance with farmhouse touches. It started a year ago when I found the perfect reclaimed wood table at Arhaus with a matching bench modeled after a church pew.  The chairs I wanted were just outrageously priced and I just did not love them enough. So I decided to refinish and reupolster some classic cherry wood chairs we had gotten free  in a chalky paint in elephant gray color. I found a deal at a thrift store for more of the same style of chairs for $5/chair. So I refinished them in a plaster white chalky paint with a natural fabric seat.



No room would be complete without a buffet and china hutch. We got a free hutch from a church family so i refinished the piece removing some of the finishings with my dremel saw, changing some of the hardware, removing the doors and last chalky painting it. I found a gorgeous canvas print from a friend of a friend of the temple. She painted it as original art. So pretty! I added more milk glass along with my china. A friend arranged it for me which really makes it look spectacular.


I sewed up a few chair pads for the bench to match the chairs.


My most favorite piece is my Chandelier. This was such a steal.


Next I found a great buffet piece which was actually a mahagony dresser from Bassett furniture I got for a steal. I repainted it also. The mirror was an unfinished thrift store find for $15 which I painted and distressed. I had intended it to be gold but changed it once I put it in the room. The milk glass is all thrift store finds for .5 cents to a few dollars.



Then when I least expected it I found 4 amazing chairs at a thrift store. They are super heavy and gorgeous quality. Basically they were $550 cheaper than the Arhaus chairs which were a similar style but brown. I will reupolster these as well.




In addition to my obsession with milk glass I love marble and tin. Some of the other fun finds include marble coasters and cake stand and a tin tray to match the tin plates on the walls.


I hope you enjoyed my remodel as much as I did. See the previous post here.



Call Ajaire’s Sand Free Beach Tote Pattern

Seriously I am in love with this FREE pattern over at Designs by Call Ajaire the Sand Free Beach Tote .  I made these last year. We took them to our beach vacation first and one held 3 very wet and sandy life jackets for the kids along with beach toys and other “dirty” items. And I say dirty because I do not like to rinse out toys and jackets more than a quick dip after cleaning up 3 kids who seem to take all the sand onto their skin.



The other held dry stuff like dry foods, towels books etc.  What I love about this pattern you ask? Why I will never use another beach bag again?

  1. Materials – washable and line or dryer friendly all purpose quilting or other cotton of you choice. A soft cotton strap and two layers of mesh for strength and aeration. IMG_3112
  2. Design – the circle shape is so versatile and you are not limited with the shape of your contents. Toys, clothes shoes sunscreen, sodas and it all can be plopped in the middle, the strap pulled up and off you go! You can tie it off where you want in a loose knot for desired length. IMG_3327

3. Double layer mesh-  durability and aeration! So my wet stuff can sit a little longer. I untie it and the the bag and the wet towels and wet clothes mess can go through a quick cycle or hang it all to dry in the beach wind!


I made this one for a mom I know and I think it makes a great gift for a friend or even teachers! I have some more waiting to be sewn up. Pool, school, gift, beach gym and pretty!!

So pick up your FREE summer Sand Free Beach Tote over at #designsbycallajaire #sandfreetote and check our her swimsuits to complete your look!


Swim Swim Swim!Sash swimsuit pattern Release.

Its swim week and Call Ajaire at Designs at Call Ajaire recently released the Sash Swimsuit pattern just in time for summer fashion fun! This suit pattern is currently on sale this week and is a must have.  The Sash Swimsuit is a swimwear and leotard pattern designed with a one shoulder strap for an asymmetrical style in sizes newborn to 12 years. Genius! who doesn’t love flounce?

IMG_6104 copy.jpg

This pattern offers the flair of cute with the sash available all views, the edgy look with the color blocking in view D and F, the sporty look with views A and D, and the ever so fashionable off the shoulder look available in all views. It can also be made as separates and is mash-able with her other suit the Classic Maillot . I chose View B and am featuring the size 5 of the original tester copy. I liked this view because it has all  my favorites this view offers color blocking, flair, modest but edgy and femininity.



IMG_6081 copyIMG_6088

Little girl has a slim shoulder so we choose the strap option and this suit has totally passed the swim team and swill lesson test – all the teenager girls love it!

IMG_6114 copyIMG_6099IMG_6091

IMG_6101 copy

Look at the flow of this flounce!!!!! The flounce is perfection. The cut and pattern is perfection. It is a quick sew and not complicated for the swim newbie. If I did not have so many “hobbies and projects” I would have made many more by now!!!!! Keep posted for more.

Since I am totally a supporter of Call Ajaire’s patterns for their accuracy  and fun style here are some photos from her last suits tester versions I sewed up that you can mash with the Sash swimsuit…. oh yes and it is on Sale this week! See below for a skirt add on that is free!!!!! that can be used with both Classic Maillot and the Sash suit.

Classic-Maillot-Cover-Page-1 (1).pngIMG_5283


Do you want a skirt option? Well good news the skirt add on is free! Fin it here click photo: Classic-Maillot-SwimSkirt-Cover-Page



IMG_6081 copy

So happy swim sewing and don’t don’t forget to share your swimsuits in the Designs by Call Ajaire Facebook group or tag #designsbycallajaire  on Instagram!


Fabric Games


Fabric games. So a few months ago a friend took me to go fabric shopping. Well what we pulled up to was well …. let the picture speak for itself.


Hmmmm …. but when you walk inside ahhhhh heaven!!!! Tables and tables of fabric and on the day we went it was 40% per yard on already great prices.


Among the awesomeness was this really cool fabric that my friend said “oh my mom plays this”. I wasn’t really sure what I was looking at and had never heard of the game.



So what I learned is that the game is called Mahjong. It is a tile based game that originated in China during the Qing dynasty.  It is commonly played by four players . Similar to the Western card game rummy, Mahjong is a game of skill strategy, and calculation and involves a degree of chance.  So what do you do with fabric that looks like a game you like? You make linens for entertaining and playing with your friends! I was commissioned to sew up some table linens for a active woman living in a retirement community were she plays and entertains. 



Coasters, napkins, placemats and my favorite fabric baskets!IMG_7438.JPGIMG_7425IMG_7430IMG_7436


Now I need to go make some of my own!


Release the Crossroads!

I am so excited to post about this fun new pattern from Designs by Call Ajaire!

The Crossroads Dress

IMG_6027 copy

As per Ajaire’s style she offers so many options.  You can sew it up for all seasons with options for sleeveless, short sleeves, 3/4 length and long sleeve not to mention fitted top, tunic, dress and maxi lengths. And it that wasn’t enough, what sets this pattern apart from the crowd is the Crossroads technique. French seams on the exterior of the garment in a cross pattern. So more options and my favorite – color blocking to showcase all that great fabric out there.

chart crossroads
The Crossroads Dress by Call Ajaire

It’s discounted to $5 (no coupon code needed) through the weekend check it out before the sale is over! Find it here – http://www.callajaire.com/shop/crossroads-dress-pdf-pattern

But wait there is more – one of the views can be yours free! So go on over and see the full blog post here http://www.callajaire.com/blog and subscribe to her newsletter to gain access to the offer! Find it here: http://eepurl.com/cx_4FT


I love testing her patterns and this will surely be a staple in our wardrobe. Here are just a few and I plan on making a few more with some awesome new fabric I just got in the mail.

The Crossroads 3/4 sleeve dress option

IMG_6013 copy

IMG_6014 copy.jpg


IMG_6004 copy.jpg

The maxi length

IMG_6070 copy

IMG_6067 copy.jpg

IMG_6066 copy.jpg

IMG_6063 copy.jpg

The fitted shirt option with 3/4 sleeves


IMG_6023 copy.jpg

IMG_6032 copy.jpg


A few of my favorite things…Color blocking, aprons buttons and vintage

I have had a long love of vintage modest and age appropriate styles for girls garments. I found this gorgeous fabric that just screamed spring to me. Sew Pony released a pattern that I could not resist. The Miss Polly Dress offers a dress for all seasons as well as an opportunity to use those cool buttons and piping accessories. Miss polly dreess 2016

The details….




I found this map fabric and felt it paired well with this pattern.


FullSizeR (1)

FullSizeR (2)



Testing the Crossroads

Spring is here and so is the release next week of the Crossroads Dress and so much more by Designs by Call Ajaire. Here is a sneak peak…..You will not be disappointed with all the options and surprises in store! Stay tuned next week for a full blog post and link to the new pattern. 

#crossroadsdress and #designsbycallajaire


IMG_6027 copy


Its a cowboy!!!

A seamstress can have many ways to express creativity and make custom items for folks. However, there are so many talented people out there and “custom” has become so very accessible these days. As many of you know I have started a small business to make custom items for friends and family this way love and friendship is in every item. Eventually, I would like to start sewing for charity offered through many designers I follow once my personal sewing has slowed down or the kids don’t want to wear what I make. 😦

Okay so back to this post!….. The little cowboy I refer to in the title is a new nephew of a very sweet woman in my Bible Study group. She and her husband led many of the programs at the vacation bible school camp last summer and they did such a great job. I look forward to them again this summer. Some time ago she shared that her sister would be having a little cowboy and would love a custom gift. It was so fun to look for fabric with this theme and see what she would choose.

Outfit one is for 0-3 months but I think the pattern ran a bit big so this definitely go longer. The second outfit is 4- 6 months. I hope they enjoy seeing baby boy in these as much as I did making them.


My client wanted a vest applique onesie and because the store bought standard ones are so thin I opted to make one with some high quality knit on hand.  The pattern was a freebie by Shwin & Shwin – Baby Ringer Onesie (link) which was available in 3,6 and 9 months. The appliques took some time and careful pressing as not to burn the fabrics especially the suede. It was important to use a stabilizer on the reverse side.


IMG_6456 (1)

The boots are a new pattern I purchased from Eldenberry Blossoms Pattern very fast sew but tricky to keep those inner seams neat when working with a serger and little spaces.


Fully Reversible Runaround Romper pattern is from Cottage mama modified/ hacked  to include a snap crotch for easy diaper changes in addition to the snap top shoulders for those blowouts!


These booties just were too cute to only make one pair! This one is on me.


Furniture versus Sewing

The struggle is real folks. I have recently acquired some great pieces and have been not able to get to the sewing machine. I have some orders to process so after tomorrow I am back at it. For now here is a look at my latest finished foyer cabinet.

This solid wood cabinet was $20 and pretty smelly. Not from a smoke free home. Regardless I scooped it up. Some sanding and disinfecting followed by repainting and playing around with white washing and distressing techniques resulted in this.