Homemade Beeswax wraps

Are you fed up with saran wrap and foil and food storage containers as I am? Not only does the plastic food storage clutter up my cabinet space no matter how organized I am with dollar store bins (more plastic). It also always seems they are dirty when I need them.  Not to mention how much food goes bad like the half eaten apple, cut melons, cut citrus and veggies, that the saran wrap just slides off because of the wetness.  Who wants all that plastic on my food and in my kitchen! So here is my go of making Beeswax wraps with some of my favorite fabrics. Did I mention they are also reusable too!

Of course there are companies (brilliant moms) who have cornered the market and are charging a small fortune you can purchase them from. But you can also try ad purchase them here (link) from me!


Today I want to share my new love for a not new but revived eco-friendly, storage and food friendly way to wrap and store your food. BEESWAX wraps. You can make them with just beeswax but I really desired the cling effect that the pine resin gives so I tried these first.


To start I purchased these products from trusted vendors. They can be found on Amazon here: Beeswax, Powdered Pine Gum RosinNOW Organic Jojoba Oil,4-Ounce (affiliate links).

I put my ingredients into small dishes and used a silicone brush. Preheat the oven 200 degrees. Cut your favorite prints or solid colored organic cotton wovens with pinking shears. I wanted a variety of shapes and just cut by eyeballing it. However you can measure to be more accurate and typical sizes are 8 x 8, 11 x 11, and 14 x 14 .


I lined my baking sheets with foil (since I did not have parchment paper on hand, but I figured this would conduct heat better). Next I put a few drops of Jojoba oil and swirled it on the foil with Silicone brush. Lay the cotton on top of the oil prepped baking sheet sprinkle with a few more drops of oil scatter the beeswax beads and pine powered resin all over one side and put in the oven for about 5 -10 min or until it looks wet and all material is melted.



Once it melted I used the same brush while reaching into the stove ( i found this worked better so the wax did not harden off) and swirled and painted the fabric with the melted wax, oil and resin making sure to saturate the edges well.

Next with tongs I lifted one side of the cloth took it out of the oven and held it to the air for a few seconds. The wax dries quickly once exposed to the room air. Then I laid it over some railing and chairs in the kitchen to cure overnight. IMG_9370

Here are the wraps!IMG_9374Take one and put it over food or bowl and use the warmth of your hands to “cling” it to the sides. It will melt into place around the object. IMG_9373IMG_9372



Lastly the lunch test…… the kids lunch box was filled up way to easily with large plastic containers and disposable baggies is well um wasteful, and not mention expensive. So today I wrapped some Annies’ cookies, a clementine and a cheese roll up. Molded it with the warmth of my hands of and there it is!IMG_9378When you are finished with them rinse with cool soapy water. Now they will not last forever but will last a least a year then you can just re-wax as needed! Next I will make some beeswax only sandwich bags with buttons and string. The larger size will keep my cheeses and breads fresh too. Try it yourself ordering through my links above or order from me!



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