Call Ajaire’s Sand Free Beach Tote Pattern

Seriously I am in love with this FREE pattern over at Designs by Call Ajaire the Sand Free Beach Tote .  I made these last year. We took them to our beach vacation first and one held 3 very wet and sandy life jackets for the kids along with beach toys and other “dirty” items. And I say dirty because I do not like to rinse out toys and jackets more than a quick dip after cleaning up 3 kids who seem to take all the sand onto their skin.



The other held dry stuff like dry foods, towels books etc.  What I love about this pattern you ask? Why I will never use another beach bag again?

  1. Materials – washable and line or dryer friendly all purpose quilting or other cotton of you choice. A soft cotton strap and two layers of mesh for strength and aeration. IMG_3112
  2. Design – the circle shape is so versatile and you are not limited with the shape of your contents. Toys, clothes shoes sunscreen, sodas and it all can be plopped in the middle, the strap pulled up and off you go! You can tie it off where you want in a loose knot for desired length. IMG_3327

3. Double layer mesh-  durability and aeration! So my wet stuff can sit a little longer. I untie it and the the bag and the wet towels and wet clothes mess can go through a quick cycle or hang it all to dry in the beach wind!


I made this one for a mom I know and I think it makes a great gift for a friend or even teachers! I have some more waiting to be sewn up. Pool, school, gift, beach gym and pretty!!

So pick up your FREE summer Sand Free Beach Tote over at #designsbycallajaire #sandfreetote and check our her swimsuits to complete your look!

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