Its a cowboy!!!

A seamstress can have many ways to express creativity and make custom items for folks. However, there are so many talented people out there and “custom” has become so very accessible these days. As many of you know I have started a small business to make custom items for friends and family this way love and friendship is in every item. Eventually, I would like to start sewing for charity offered through many designers I follow once my personal sewing has slowed down or the kids don’t want to wear what I make. 😦

Okay so back to this post!….. The little cowboy I refer to in the title is a new nephew of a very sweet woman in my Bible Study group. She and her husband led many of the programs at the vacation bible school camp last summer and they did such a great job. I look forward to them again this summer. Some time ago she shared that her sister would be having a little cowboy and would love a custom gift. It was so fun to look for fabric with this theme and see what she would choose.

Outfit one is for 0-3 months but I think the pattern ran a bit big so this definitely go longer. The second outfit is 4- 6 months. I hope they enjoy seeing baby boy in these as much as I did making them.


My client wanted a vest applique onesie and because the store bought standard ones are so thin I opted to make one with some high quality knit on hand.  The pattern was a freebie by Shwin & Shwin – Baby Ringer Onesie (link) which was available in 3,6 and 9 months. The appliques took some time and careful pressing as not to burn the fabrics especially the suede. It was important to use a stabilizer on the reverse side.


IMG_6456 (1)

The boots are a new pattern I purchased from Eldenberry Blossoms Pattern very fast sew but tricky to keep those inner seams neat when working with a serger and little spaces.


Fully Reversible Runaround Romper pattern is from Cottage mama modified/ hacked  to include a snap crotch for easy diaper changes in addition to the snap top shoulders for those blowouts!


These booties just were too cute to only make one pair! This one is on me.

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