Bioluminescence inspiration meets fabric

With three children and all their activities much of my sewing is being creative with fabrics but not as much garment design. Our town is having the annual Daddy – Daughter dance and this year’s theme is “Glow in the Dark”. I immediately thought of two looks – 80’s neon or a more subtle look to fit F’s personality. She is slight and graceful, so images of jellyfish luminescent in the calm dark waters with slight glimmers of color gracefully floated into my head.

The inspiration dress – I wanted to make a fiber optic dress but this is about the only kit available for adults and I am no electrician. Never-mind the price of the fiber optics. The lesser costing Fiber optic whips have 4 1/2 inch long wands that for an adult works, but would be the size of F’s bodice alone not  to mention heavy. So I decided to go with fiber optic hair clips that will be tucked under the belt. Click on Picture for link to dress site.


The Fabric and fiber optics hair clips (photo link)……..



I realized soon after that my prom dress looked a lot like this… minus the fiber optics.

This will be a labor of love for sure so excited to finish this project for my little girl!



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